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Privvymove (PRIVVYMOVE LTD, 9 Dalhousie Terrace, Montrose DD10 8JW.  Reg: 595564) knows that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. This Privacy Policy covers the information practices of our user interfaces, including our website, that link to this Privacy Policy: This Privacy Notice describes our collection, use, disclosure, retention, and protection of your personal information. It applies to any Privvymove site where this Privacy Notice appears in the footer, and to any Privvymove application, service, or tool (collectively "Services") where this Privacy Notice is referenced, regardless of how you access or use them, including through mobile devices.

By using our Services or registering for an account with us, you are accepting our Terms of Use, this Privacy Notice and our Cookies Policy, and you are consenting to our collection, use, disclosure, retention, and protection of your personal information as described in this Privacy Notice.

You are contracting with Privvymove (the data controller) which is responsible for the collection, use, disclosure, retention and protection of your personal information. We have produced this privacy notice in order to keep you informed of how we handle your personal data.  All handling of your personal data is done in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("Data protection Legislation").


Privvymove may direct you to third party processors (ecwid shopping cart) who will process your personal information and you will be bound by the terms and conditions including Privacy Policy of any third party company including

Your Personal Information

This is information that can be associated with a specific person and could be used to identify that specific person whether from that data or from that data and other information that Privvymove has or is likely to have access to. We do not consider personal information to include information that has been made anonymous or aggregated so that it can no longer be used to identify a specific person, whether in combination with other information or otherwise.

Changes to this Notice

We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the amended terms on Your continued use of any of the Services will constitute your acceptance of any changes or additions to this Privacy Policy.


We collect, process, and retain personal information from you and any devices (including mobile devices) you may use when you: use our Services, register for an account with us, update or add information to your account, send messages to other Privvymove users or dispute resolution, or when you otherwise correspond with us regarding our Services.

The following information will be collected:

  • Any identifying information such as your name, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses when you register for an account with us.
  • Buying/renting or selling information including any communication you provide during a transaction, or other transaction-based content that you generate or is connected to your account
  • Privvymove provides an internal messaging service. We recommend not to give out personal details on the message board, the personal information you choose to disclose to any third party may be used to send you unsolicited messages. Privvymove is not responsible for the privacy of information you choose to disclose to third parties.
  • Other content that you may generate, or that is connected to your account and your use of our website including your use of the following website functions: My Account (Manage my ads, Messages, Favourites, Saved Searches, My Favourites, My Details, Create Account), Post an Ad or the Help section.
  • Additional information we are required or authorized by applicable national laws to collect and process in order to authenticate or identify you or to verify the information we have collected.Personal information we collect automatically when you use our Services or register for an account with us
  • Add to favourites will be shared with the specific property owner you have highlighted; however no personal information is given to the recipient other than a user has added their property to his/her favourites list. We also collect information about your interaction with our Services, your advertising preferences, and your communications with us. This is information we receive from the devices (including mobile devices) you use when you use our Services, register for an account with us, update or add information to your account, participate in messaging, or dispute resolution, or when you otherwise correspond with us regarding our Services. This information includes the following: device ID or unique identifier, device type, ID for advertising, and unique device token.
  • Computer and connection information such as statistics on your page views, traffic to and from the sites, referral URL, ad data, your IP address, your browsing history, and your web log information.

When you visit,Privvymobe servers send a cookie to your computer. Standing alone, cookies do not identify you. They merely recognize your Web browser. Unless you choose to identify yourself to Privvymvoe, either by responding to a promotional offer, opening an account, or filling out a Web form, you remain anonymous to Privvymove.

Personal information from other sources

  • We may allow you to share information with social media sites, or use social media sites to create your account or to connect your account with the respective social media site. Those social media sites may give us automatically access to certain personal information retained by them about you (e.g., content viewed by you, content liked by you, and information about the advertisements you have been shown or may have clicked on, etc.). Your personal data from social media will not be shared with any third party.
  • If you give us personal information about someone else, you must do so only with their explicit and prior consent. You have to inform them how we collect, use, disclose, and retain their personal information according to our Privacy Notice.
Use and Retention

We use the personal information we collect to: provide and improve our Services, provide you with a personalized experience on our sites (especially, by offering you services and items that you may like), contact you about your account and our Services, provide you with customer service, provide you with personalized advertising and marketing, and detect, prevent, mitigate, and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities.

We retain your personal information as long as it is necessary and relevant for our operations. In addition, we may retain personal information from closed accounts to comply with national laws, prevent fraud, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigation, enforce our Terms of Use and take other actions permitted or required by applicable national laws.

Learn more on Use and Retention

We use the personal information we collect to: provide and improve our Services, to provide you with a personalized experience on our sites (especially, by offering you services and items that you may like), to contact you about your account and our Services, to provide you customer service and to detect, prevent, mitigate and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities. We may use and retain your personal information as follows:

  • Provide access to and use of our Services.
  • Offer you site content
  • Keep track of your Saved Searches, Favourites and to manage your ads.
  • Give you access to your internal messages and other features.
  • Customise, measure, and improve our Services.
  • Provide other services requested by you as described when we collect the information.
  • We may use geo-location information to provide you with location based services (such as advertising, search results, and other personalised content).
  • Contact you about your account
  • Keeping Privvymove safe
Your choice

You have a choice about how we use your personal information to communicate with you, to send you marketing information, how we provide you with customized and relevant advertising, and whether you want to stay signed into your account.

Marketing & Emails

We will not send out any marketing material without your permission, sponsored ads on the Privvymove website do not get access to your personal information.  Once registered any emails you receive from Privvymove are automated emails (, these emails allow our services to function and to give you a better website experience.  The emails will only be sent as and when you use the service, emails will cease once you either cancel your account or stop using the service.

Signed in to your Privvymove account

When you sign into your account on our Services, we may give you the option to stay signed in to your account for a certain period of time. If you are using a public or shared computer, we encourage you not to choose to stay signed in. You or any other user of the computer/browser you signed in on will be able to view and access most parts of your account and take certain specific actions during this signed in period without any further authorization. The specific actions and account activities that you or any other user of this computer/browser may take include:

If you attempt to change your password, update any other account information or attempt other account activity beyond those listed above, you will be asked to enter your password.

You can typically end your signed in session by either signing out and/or clearing your cookies. If you have certain browser privacy settings enabled, simply closing your browser may also end your signed in session. If you are using a public or shared computer you should sign out and/or clear your cookies when you are done using our Services in order to protect your account and your personal information.

Withdraw consent

If you withdraw your consent for the use or disclosure of your personal information for purposes set out in this Privacy Notice you may not have access to all our Services and we might not be able to provide you all of the Services offered to our users and authorized under this Privacy Notice and our Terms of Use.


We take steps to ensure that the personal information we collect is accurate and up to date, and that you have the ability to access and make corrections to it.

Once you make a public posting, you may not be able to change or remove it. Upon your request, we will close your account and remove your personal information from view as soon as reasonably possible, based on your account activity and in accordance with applicable national laws.

You can update or correct your personal information on your own Privvymove account.

You can request a copy of the personal information that Privvymove holds about you by contacting us at and we will let you know if any fees apply. Where you have a statutory right to request access or request the modification or erasure of your personal information, we can still withhold that access or decline to modify or erase your personal information in some cases in accordance with applicable national laws, but will give you reasons if we do so.

Disclosing your information

We may disclose your personal information to third parties if required to do so or for the running of our services. This disclosure may be required for us to provide you access to our Services, to comply with our legal obligations, to enforce our Terms of Use, to facilitate our marketing and advertising activities, or to prevent, detect, mitigate, and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities related to our Services. We minimize the amount of personal information we disclose to what is directly relevant and necessary to accomplish the specified purpose. As stated above, we do not disclose your personal information to third parties for their marketing and advertising purposes nor do we supply your data to any for any other purpose other than mentioned for services purposes only.

We may disclose your personal information to the relevant authorities and for the following purposes.

Service Providers


Ecwid is a shopping cart platform, should you purchase a For sale/rent sign ecwid will obtain certain information (name, devliery address, email, contact number). We require certain information about you in order to instruct our payments processor (PayPal) to take payment from you and transfer it to us.  To ensure security, we DO NOT ever process your payment information and will transfer you to the PayPal website at the time of payment.  None of our staff or contractors ever have access to this information.  This processing is conducted lawfully on the basis of "performance of contract"


We use Paypal for processing all payments including sponsored ad subscriptions, Paypal Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions should be read and understood before submitting any payment.

Required by Law

We may transfer your information to data processors outside the European Economic Area in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. In some of these countries, the privacy and data protection laws may differ from those in the country where you live.

Change of Ownership

If we go through a sale, merger, reorganisation, dissolution or similar event, your information may be part of the assets transferred or shared in connection with the due diligence for any such transaction. Any acquirer or successor of Privvymove may continue to use the information as explained in this notice.

Securing your information

We protect your information using appropriate technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration. Some of the safeguards we use are firewalls and data encryption, we do not hold paper data and all information is held on a UK server through our UK web hosting company.

Does your data leave the EU?

PRIVVYMOVE LTD uses overseas web and IT providers, all data is held on a secure server within the UK.

Sharing your personal information on our sites or applications - what happens?

Other users may have access to the information you share on Privvymove including your name, address and associated comments and any information you chose to share in your profile or ad. Your mobile number will be displayed on your ad for interested parties to contact you direct.

How you should use the information you receive on Privvymove

When you are in a discussion or transaction with another user we may provide you with the personal information of the other user (such as his/her name, mobile number) to complete the transaction. We encourage you to inform the other user about your privacy practices and respect his/her privacy.

You may use the personal information that you have access to only for Privvymove transaction-related purposes, or for other services offered through Privvymove (such as fraud complaints, and member-to-member communications), and for purposes expressly consented by the user to whom the information relates. Using personal information of other users that you have access to for any other purpose constitutes a violation of our Terms of Use.

Unwanted or threatening email

We do not tolerate abuse of our Services under any circumstance. You do not have permission to add of Privvymove’s users mobile numbers or address to your mailing list (email or postal), call, or send him/her text messages for commercial purposes, even if this user has communicated through the Privvymove website, unless the user has given his/her explicit consent. Sending unwanted or threatening email and text messages is against our Terms of Use and will be reported..

Third Party Privacy Practices

This Privacy Notice addresses only the use and disclosure of personal information we collect from you. If you disclose your information to others, or if you are directed to a third party website, their privacy notices and practices will apply.

We cannot guarantee the privacy or security of your information once you provide it to a third party and we encourage you to evaluate the privacy and security policies of your trading partner before entering into a transaction and choosing to share your information. This is true even where the third parties to whom you disclose personal information are bidders, tenants, landlords, buyers or sellers on our sites.

Our service and why we may contact you.
  • Contact you to notify you regarding your account, to troubleshoot problems with your account, to resolve a dispute, to poll your opinions through surveys or questionnaires, or as otherwise necessary to provide you customer service.
  • Contact you as necessary to enforce our Terms of Use, applicable national laws, and any agreement we may have with you.
  • For these purposes we may contact you via email, telephone and text messages.
    • Prevent, detect, mitigate, and investigate fraud, security breaches, potentially prohibited or illegal activities.
    • Enforce our Privacy Notice, Terms of Use or other policies.We retain your personal information as long as it is necessary and relevant for our operations. In addition, we may retain personal information from closed accounts to comply with national laws, prevent fraud, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigation, enforce our Terms of Use and take other actions permitted or required by applicable national laws. After it is no longer necessary for us to retain your personal information, we dispose of it in a secure manner according to our data retention and deletion policies.
    • Manage and delete your ads
    • View My Privvymove page
    • Listing or enquiring about an ad on Privvymove
    • View my Favourites
    • View the profile page
    • Send member-to-member messages
    • Help detect and prevent potentially fraudulent and illegal acts, violations of our Terms of Use, and data security incidents and breaches.
    • Third party service providers may help us to provide our Services, payment processing services, assist us with the prevention, detection, mitigation, and investigation of potentially illegal acts, violations of our Terms of Use, fraud and/or security breaches.
    • To comply with our legal requirements, enforce our Terms of Use, respond to claims that a listing or other content violates the rights of others, or protect anyone's rights, property or safety.
    • To law enforcement or governmental agencies including the NCA (National Crimes Agency), or authorized third-parties, in response to a verified request relating to a criminal investigation or alleged or suspected illegal activity or any other activity that may expose us, you, or any other of our users to legal liability. We will only disclose information we deem relevant to the investigation or inquiry, such as sellers name, address, city, state, postcode, telephone number, email address, User ID history, IP address, fraud complaints and listing history.
    • To third parties involved in a legal proceeding, if they provide us with a subpoena, court order or substantially similar legal procedure, or we otherwise believe in good faith that the disclosure of information is necessary to prevent imminent physical harm or financial loss or to report suspected illegal activity.

Who to complain to?

In addition to sending us your complaints directly to you can sed complaints to our supervisory authority.  As PRIVVYMOVE LTD predominately handles the personal data of UK nationals, our supervisory authority is the Information Commissioner's Office.  If you believe that we have failed in our compliance with data protection  legislation, complaints to this authority can be made by visiting